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Richard Brodie (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 10:35:03 -0800

Tom Holz wrote:
>Ok... level 3... makes sense to me. Or rather, what you are describing
>describes how I think I think fairly accurately. But could you explain
>you find it useful to attatch the "consioussness of purpose" to
>modeling" to get level 3. To me--in my current state of mind--it seems
>that you are tying two un-common things together. I can see how they
>both related to a concept of level 3, but not why you would want to put
>them together..each seems rich enough for its own discourse.

For a complete answer to this, read my book "Getting Past OK"
( Briefly, it is the
designed dissonance of a conscious purpose that allows a mind to stay in
Level 3 rather than collapse (self-organize) into a comfortable but less
powerful Level 2 state. This is a danger with many so-called paths to
enlightenment (really viruses of the mind): they take you out of Level 2
just long enough for you to reorganize into a new Level 2 supporting the

For more information on personal-growth cults, see Chapter 11 of Virus
of the Mind (

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