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Wed, 13 Nov 1996 19:31:15 -0500

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Richard Brodie wrote:
> Two airplanes collided yesterday and killed 350 people!

Ah, but the question is was it a midair collision?

Myself, I've come to some rather obvious (to me) and unassailable

o I am a Level-3 person
o I am of the Homo Deus stock as well

How do I come to these conclusions? Because I /say/ I am. Since these
things don't have any really testable existance beyond my exhibition of
my self-defined traits in their labelling, there's no way someone can
accuse me of /not/ being one. If I am God, then any apparent
contradiction in my behaviour or actions is perfectly in accordance with
my True Will and, as such, my Godly perrogative. If the Level-3 thinker
is, at heart, the things we've heard bandied about on the list for the
past while, then I am, above all, choosing and taking the memetic
definition-class `hypocriticality' to the next stage (nascent Level-4?)
by telling you I'm Level-3 because I say I am.

Nota bene, I'm also a chimp and an imbecile. If that seems
contradictory to you, then you simply have not been awakened to the
insight of the Temple of the Osirin Warlocks ... or is that the Memetic
Order of the Walenschild Radius?

[Am I poking fun at some of the list members? Yes. Am I also pointing
out something I feel important? Yes. Look ma, I've conquered parable!]

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Tad wrote:

>We are trying to find a name for "something" we all understand somehow. >It is a property (or a set of properties) of Objective Reality which >makes this >world knowable and predictable and lets humans fly without wings.


Two airplanes collided yesterday and killed 350 people!

When will you let go of this foolish notion that the world is knowable and predictable?

Admit it! You're a gambler, and the worst kind: one that doesn't know when to quit!

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