virus: "Religion"?

Peter Charles Danenberg (
Mon, 5 Aug 1996 14:17:45 -0700


I am virgin to this list, and I have a few question regarding some of the
fundamentals of Virus:

When it is said in the introduction:

> If a new religion is designed around the premise of
> continuously integrating better (more accurate, more useful) concepts
> while ensuring the survival of its believers, it could conceivably
> achieve true immortality.

Does this conception of "religion" include the worship of some
anthropomorphic deity? Or has is been brought down to the level of Pure
Human: the refinement of morality sans the strict dogmatical laws and
confines of conventional religion? Or could it be both, contingent upon
where we, the architects/(divine?)sculptors of Virus, think it best to go?

I don't know about everyone else, but just the very mention of the word
"religion" tends to make me uncomfortable. It immediately conjures up
images of sweat-ridden, leechy ministers, parasites, and by far the most
destructive phrase ever spoken: "In the name of the L---". I would
appreciate, if any one could, a satiation of my fears by affirming that
this is *NOT* what you have in mind when you use that dirtied word,

I also notice the above demarcation of immortality as "true". Is there a
specific pseudo-immortality we are subverting?

All the best,
Peter D.