Re: virus: "Religion"?

Reed Garrett Konsler (
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 19:09:11 -0400

Ack! Spammed!

I just wanted to send this to indicate that I read Stephen's and David's
last post on this subject. I basically agree with all the points they
expressed. Instead of saying "No, really, I meant something slightly
different but nevertheless significant!" I'll admit I'm not sure what we
were are arguing about. I'm not at all happy to agree with arguments and
then realize they were directed at me; strikes at that sense of continuity
of being.

On second though, I'm glad to have evoked the response. I think the points
were very good.

*****From Stephen
>I think I may have got Reed's goat in my last post. I probably should have
>used more
>smiley faces.

Oh, I don't know. One thing about e-mail is it can be so dispassionate. I
think there's something to be said for a little heated long as
the sense of community binds us close enough together that we don't get
permanently angry. Plus, I have an easily accessible goat. ;)


Reed Garrett Konsler