Re: virus: "Religion"?

Mike Blum (
Tue, 06 Aug 1996 08:38:30 -0400

>Just before I joined this list I sent a letter to David (who's was kind
>enough to create this mailing list) which said almost exactly the same
>thing. It's his page and his list, so he is the one who gets to name it.
>But since someone else brought it up...I agree with Peter. I also have a
>reflexive aversion to anything with the words "church", "religion", "God",

I agree with Reed and Peter. Whenever I tell anyone about Virus, Memes and
David's page I always suggest ignoring the initial "church" and "religion"
references. However, some people will see the references and move on to
their next link without ever realizing what Virus is all about.

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