virus: alien face viral shell

Sun, 23 Jun 1996 16:38:21 -0500

The alien face with the big black eyes is an exceptionally fecund viral
shell. It's been successfully co-opted by all sorts of product pushers. I
was at the mall yesterday (shudder) and passed a trendy clothing store
which had their overpriced garments displayed on wire-frame manequins
topped with huge card-board alien heads. My record company recently sent
me an add for lots of silly crap adorned with aliens, and a skateboard
company is making a killing by emblazoning all their boards and skate-punk
gear with the big-eyed icon. (Alien Workshop) I've seen alien head bongs
('scuz me, "water pipes") at the local head shop.

Check out the Scwhwa Corporation homepage. Don't know the URL right off
hand, but there's a link to it from the C Memetic Nexus (URL below). -KMO