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WL Carr (
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 00:47:15 -0500

> Regarding the criticism of Carr's work by As Seen On TV:
> Wow. Some people.

Thanks a lot for the reply! My feelings exactly

> > > >No offense, but I'm laughing. So... in a way... your art was very
> > > effective
> > > >in moving me.
> Is "as seen" so stupid that he or she doesn't think that statement
> would be taken as anything *but* offensive?

I believe so. In a later message he was trying to claim that art (or the
enjoyment thereof) was NOT subjective, and went so far as to reduce it to
a math problem...

> > > >We're going to add your page to the soon-to-be created Enemies of
As Seen on TV page on our site.
> Well, if "as seen" wants to position him/herself as a judge of good
> and bad culture, s/he should feel welcome.
> But, looking at the quality of the judgements "as seen" has offered, I
> don't think we can look forward to anything that's crafted for any
> real effect on culture.

I think one of the things this moron couldn't understand was that to
improve culture, you add to it, you don't police it. In another message I
told him, "Look, if you don't like the art that's available, then create
something better. Don't nag people who create work you don't particularly
care for. If you can't create something better, then I don't see where you
have any room to complain."

I think where I made my mistake was replying at all...

> To W. Carr:
> Non Illegitimi Carborundum Est.
> (Don't let the bastards grind you down.)

Thanks, I really appreciate that :)

Take care


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