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Ken Pantheists (
Sun, 23 Jun 1996 13:15:13 -0700

WL Carr wrote:
> Looks like this jerk is making the rounds...

Regarding the criticism of Carr's work by As Seen On TV:

Wow. Some people.

Here's my $.02 and if "As seen" is not on this list, feel free to
forward it to the creep.

> > >Ok... I've been randomly surfing around the net, kissing ass, and doing
> > the
> > >general sycophant-at-large thing.

If "as seen" was really a fellow artist, wouldn't he or she be more
sensitive to the process of making art? I think there are a lot of
artist wanna-bees whose general level of production is way down there
or of such low quality that they don't understand the vulnerability
one entertains while making a piece of work. Is "as seen" a wanna be
or an artist?

There are also a number of people who really don't know any thing
about art, but like to hang with the crowd. Often, when faced with the
arduous task of forming a thoughtful opinion on anything, but don't
have the information to do so effectively, they develop a synicism to
all the woerk they see. If they have to say they like *anything* they
think of it as "Kissing ass". Is "As Seen" qualified to make
judgements on people's work?


> > >No offense, but I'm laughing. So... in a way... your art was very
> > effective
> > >in moving me.

Is "as seen" so stupid that he or she doesn't think that statement
would be taken as anything *but* offensive?

> >
> > You're definitely intitled to your own opinion and interpretation; the
> > experience
> > the images provide is totally subjective.


> > >I looked at your picture... read your manifesto... and I think you're
> > completely
> > >full of shit.

Well, I have to hand it to him/her-- that's a good starting point for
a critique, but if you have nothing but pablum in your arsenal, stay
off the field.

Virus messages need to have a shell that will travel.
> > >I'm not sure photoediting pornography counts as a good meme.

Case in point-- here we have politically correct pablum--

W. Carr replied:

> I'm trying to communicate and ask questions (or make the viewer ask
> questions).


> Maybe you didn't like what the images told you about yourself.
> The
> fact that all you saw was "pornography" says a lot about your
> unconscious mind...

It says a lot about the conscious mind too- petty.

TV wrote:

> > >Please take this criticism in the spirit in which it was meant

It has.

> > >We're going to add your page to the soon-to-be created Enemies of As Seen on TV page on our site.

Well, if "as seen" wants to position him/herself as a judge of good
and bad culture, s/he should feel welcome.

But, looking at the quality of the judgements "as seen" has offered, I
don't think we can look forward to anything that's crafted for any
real effect on culture.

To W. Carr:

Non Illegitimi Carborundum Est.
(Don't let the bastards grind you down.)

 Ken Pantheists