virus:"other reality"

John A (
Thu, 02 May 1996 22:10:36 -0500

I have a highly hypothetical scenario that I would like to recieve
opinions on:

The only way that humans have knowledge of what is outside of us is
through our senses. The combination of all stimuli observed by our
senses is what we call "reality". Some things we cannot perceive, such
as non-visible light. Is it possible that other entities -beings,
organisms, objects, etc- could exist completely outside of what we can
sense? Is this "other reality" possible?

By "other reality" I do not mean "parallel dimension" or "higher plane"
or anything like this. Other realities would be no different than ours,
we just could not observe them with our senses. Like the spectra of
light; there are many types of light, but we can only actually see a
small strip. That which we cannot see does not exist elsewhere; it
exists but we cannot see it.

These "other realities", being side by side with our own, would obey the
same laws of physics that ours does and would consist of the same
objects as ours does. We are just not seeing the entire picture. I am
not introducing anything mystical; quite the contrary. "Other realities"
would be as natural as our own.

John Aten