Re: virus:"other reality"

James T. Martin (
Mon, 13 May 1996 22:33:22 -0700

***** Tom Loeber wrote:
I can say that the word "concept" seems to be able to replace the
>word "meme" in any of the associated sentences I've yet to see here or
>elsewhere ("Memetic" would equate to "conceptual"). 'Twas suggested that it
>is wise to keep things simple. I agree. "Keep It Simple Smarty" (KISS) is
>one of my favorite slogans.
***** J. Martin:
Thanks for stating some things that really needed to be said, which I
wanted say, but alas, not enough of that audacity thing! I don't wish
to disparage "memes" as such, but had often wondered if there were'nt
a lot of other more familiar words to better discuss the concepts.
I could never shake the notion that: (Virus + Memes = Propaganda).
***** T. Loeber:
>Is the universe steady-state with no beginning/end or otherwise? If it is
>steady-state then everything that evolves to the point of self recognition
>will evolve again over and over. Myself, I believe much as Buckminster
Fuller, my "god" is
>all. Universe is the only totally regenerative system. Nobody will ever be
>able to ultimately prove that universe will end because nobody will be
>around to report all's demise.
***** J. Martin
Not prove? Perhaps yes, with current knowledge being what it is, but
lets say we (human race, or evolutionary derivatives) are around when
the expansion of the universe has definitely stopped and is now found
to be contracting. Could'nt we draw some conclusions from that? Namely,
that (like everything else in the universe) we've been riding one
great oscillation. Everything is in cycle - forever. Birth - Death -
Rebirth. Time is merely the method of tracking the cycle. I'm sure
we're speaking the same lingo.
****** T. Loeber:
>BTW, I shared my work with Bucky shortly before he died to our perspectives.
>He had dinner at our house, my step-father being the head of the math
>department of my college and our having a solar heated home that we had
>built and I had instigated the processes that brought Bucky to our school
>for a presentation. It was the second time I met with Bucky. He was able
>to peruse some papers of mine and his private comment to me the next morning
>at the airport was "There appears to be a reasonable excitation."
>Should I go on? Any reasonable excitation out there?
***** J. Martin
Wow! I bow before you - you knew B. Fuller?! I've always wanted a home
based on his invention of the geodesic dome. Now if someone would only
come up with some furniture to fit the walls! Thanks again for your
valuable suggestions for the development of this group.
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