Re: virus:"other reality"

Tom Loeber (
Mon, 13 May 1996 19:52:23 -0700 (PDT)

>Tom Loeber wrote:
>> universe is steady-state. Death then is not a subjectively experienced
>> phenomenon. We can only experience the death of others and they can
>> experience our own deaths but we don't see ourselves as dead. In short a
>> real-time reincarnation ocurrs. Maybe I jumped ahead too quickly here. How
>> many things could happen to stop your next breath? Did any of them happen?
>> I conjecture that at the point where everyone else might experience one's
>> death, the person who died loses the ability to perceive until similar
>> enough conditions evolve again that lack that cause of death. In short, we
>> die every moment and are remanifested immediately to our own perspective
>> with no lack of continuity.

>John Aten wrote:

>What about our bodies? Are you suggesting that our minds jump from body
>to body? This sounds like mysticism...

Again I refer to Buckminster Fuller "All is metaphysical." I see no
distinction between body and mind. My hypothesis based upon my cosmology is
that the body and the mind both evolve again after death. I'm saying that
death is a very transitory state of affairs. Though it may take an
incredibly long period of time for this recycling to ocurr, we don't notice
the period of being without our sensory appariti. I'm saying that death
does not exist as a subjective phenomenon. Objectively, death happens and
it tends to convince us of our own mortality though this is not truth.
Death needs to happen so the web of life remains whole and healthy but for
us humans, it is best to minimize death to sustain and increase our capacity
to share. Yuch. I love life. Isn't life simply miraculous? Life is so
precious. Life is so inestimably valuable. Life is the extropic
(syntropic). As thinking representatives of life we have a responsibility
to keep universe from falling apart into the homogeneous and minimal state
of maximum entropy (just wanted to balance this paragraph).