Re: virus: real world?

Alex Williams (
Mon, 30 Dec 1996 10:43:06 -0500 (EST)

> After reading this and thinking about it for a few minutes I reckon that this
> world is not definitely real but there must be a real world somewhere far
> away (maybe in the Wizard of OZ) for everything else to be based on. Without
> a base on which to exist nothing can exist (This includes such borderline
> items such as thoughts and dreams). This also means that the base on which
> everything exists can be virtually any size ranging from one or two atoms
> to everything that exists.
> Does anyone understand me at all because i don't.

Neo-Platonism is far too easy. In the World of Ideal Forms, the
perfect chickenhouse exists, and within are perfect eggs, perfect
chickens and perfect chickenshit.

I don't think there's any burden of proof to suggest that everything
must be based on something else to exist; the Prime Mover fallacy is,
again, just too easy.

> P.S. Does anyone know any really good tips about how to get completely smashed
> on New Years Eve?

A train.