Re: virus: real world?
Mon, 30 Dec 96 09:46:53 GMT

Ken Pantheists Wrote:

I have been asked to forward this message from an anonymous poster.

**********************Is the world real?

After reading this and thinking about it for a few minutes I reckon that this
world is not definitely real but there must be a real world somewhere far
away (maybe in the Wizard of OZ) for everything else to be based on. Without
a base on which to exist nothing can exist (This includes such borderline
items such as thoughts and dreams). This also means that the base on which
everything exists can be virtually any size ranging from one or two atoms
to everything that exists.

Does anyone understand me at all because i don't.

Neil Middleton
The new force in virus

P.S. Does anyone know any really good tips about how to get completely smashed
on New Years Eve?