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> Wrong. Just because there is no indication that an event happened, does
> not mean that it didn't. The view you are taking seems to be an
> existentialist view, are you a supporter of this train of thought.

No, I am taking the scientific view instead of the blind-faith view. Interesting
why thousands of alein adbductions have taken place over the years
now and not one single piece of evidence has been left behind. Not even
a footprint. Yet you believe in facts and not fantasy? Hehehe

> > Lack of evidence is proof that is was wishful thinking.

Good point.

> > Your experience means nothing unless it can be validated which it cannot.
> > If it cannot be validated, that is proof that you were dreaming.
> I don't think many people will be in agreement.

Who cares if many agree or not? 60% of the world ignorantly still believes
that the earth was created and is less than 10,000 years old depite
the evidence otherwise. You can't use the "number of people in
agreement" as a logical argument because it will never hold water.

> > Yes they do! The dust on their feet and the dust on the concrete
> > does leave footprints.
> And you can spot these footprints?

No, but I know scientists who know how. Sometimes, from what
I've remembered, they use chaulk dust to reveal the prints.

> > > > > Ha, I'll bet I'm younger than you.

> Not at all, I stated plenty of quite reasonable reasons why I was not going
> to state your age.

You stated excuses.

> Has anyone else noticed that XYZ delets bits of posts, and ignores them, if they
> are in any way detrimental to him/her?

Are you paranoid? I try to keep the posts small by deleting most of the
original article since it can be easily looked up (since it was only the
day before that it was posted). I only leave the most relevant parts or
just the reply. It is called common net courtesy.

> Well, for a start it would mean that I could concentrate on more worthwhile
> threads, rather than this almost meaningless psychological banter.

Well, stop giving us meanlingless psychological banter then.

> "I'll bet I'm younger than you"

> Which is different, at least in my books, to saying that I'm younger than you.
> I certainly *did not* say that I knew how old you are.

You made a statement you couldn't prove. You were bluffing
when you said this and I have proved that.

> Is your grasp of English insufficient to realise this, or are you trying
> to trick me into something?

You are paranoid, aren't you?


Did I scare you again?
> Please read the posts more carefully in future if you wish to make
> decent responses, otherwise you're just wasting mine, and everyone
> else on this lists' time, not to mention the 'phone bill.

I can't make you do anything. It is your choice and not mine.
Stop wasting your own phone bill.

Doctor? It hurts when I go like this.

Then stop going "like this"