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Tue, 24 Dec 1996 18:23:38 -0700

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> > > > *Exactly* how much of an increase?

> > > I don't know.

> > I rest my case.

> I notice that you have deleted the bit where I asked you whether you
> knew the statistical increase in danger for drink drivers. I can only,
> therefore, assume that you *do not* know the statistics, and you do accept
> that drink driving is dangerous.

You ASSume too much again. There are lots of statistics
about drunk driving everywhere. It is obvious that drunk driving
is dangerous. If you want to deny that there are statistics on
this, then go ahead and make a fool of yourself and say that
there aren't.

There are no statistics about pot driving anywhere. Could
that be because there are none to give? Sorta like there
are no statistics about aspirin driving anywhere.

> And your answer to the question about drink driving: *No!*

Too no's make a "you're right"? What is your excuse for not
answering the question? Becuase I didn't answer mine? You
poor fool! You could have easily ended this thread with some
real life statistic but you couldn't. So now you make up lame
excuses like that? Hehehe

> Your evidence being the absolute refusal to accept anyone else's point of
> view other than your own. Well, I'm convinced....Not!

A Primer of Drug Action. Available in local bookstores everywhere.
HINT: You have to go look for evidence. Hearsay will still be available
to you when you get back.

> Yes, but the initial intent on your part was to offend, and belittle. You
> fail once again, XYZ ... go home.

Can you prove that that was my intention? Or is this another one
of those claims you won't be able to follow through with?

I am home already. Hehehe