Re: virus: Pot
Tue, 24 Dec 96 09:36:03 GMT

XYZ rambled:

> > From:
> > > > > What is unpure pot?
> > > First it was "meme speak", now it is "pot speak"? Do you always
> > > make up terms in order to try and win a discussion?
> > I think that you might find that this point above has absolutely nothing
> > in my favour WRT winning this argument. It is just a by-the-by point that
> > I made, and which appers to have confused you. And on top of that, I
> > didn't make up any of the terms used above. Which ones are you refering to?
> What is unpure pot?

You never tire of this question, despite the amount of times I answer it,
do you? In the interests of courtesy, I shall answer it yet again, but
this time please read and digest what I say before asking again.

There is a drug called cannabis (aka marijuana, pot, dope, ganja, etc...),
and sometimes it comes in a solid form. This is known as "resin", as it
is the resin secreted by the female parts of a Cannabis plant, and it is
rich in THCs. Unfortunately, this solid burns, but will not stay alight
if left burning. Therefore, it is [pretty much] impossible to roll
a "joint" with just resin. Therefore, it becomes necessary to use a
substance that will burn, and keep the resin burning. An easy substance to
use here is tobacco. Therefore, a joint contains tobacco and resin. Hence,
the joing is not "pure" pot, it is "unpure" pot. It is a term that I've
been using for years, and I don't see why it has confused you so.

Is everything better in your little world now?

> This whole entire thread was about pot (ie -- the effects
> of THC) and you just threw in this thing about adding nicotine at random.
> "Unpure pot" is not street talk nor slang. It is made up, hence "pot speak".

All language is made up, XYZ. It just depends how long ago, I guess.

Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."