Re: virus: Pot
Tue, 24 Dec 96 09:42:30 GMT

XYZ vomits:

> > From:
> > > > From:
> > > > Whereas, if you're high on pot, there is an increased probability,
> > > > compared to all other road users, that you're going to have an accident.
> > > *Exactly* how much of an increase?
> > I don't know.
> I rest my case.

You've said that before, and you didn't.

I notice that you have deleted the bit where I asked you whether you
knew the statistical increase in danger for drink drivers. I can only,
therefore, assume that you *do not* know the statistics, and you do accept
that drink driving is dangerous.

> > > Are you guessing again, or do you
> > > actually have that statistic?
> His answer: No!

And your answer to the question about drink driving: *No!*

> > And you havn't offered any evidence to prove that being stoned is a
> > safe condition to drive it. You've merely stated it again and again and
> > again, and I'll disagree with you every time until you give /me/ evidence.
> Translation: Jonesr can never come up with any evidence. I have always
> stated mine.

Your evidence being the absolute refusal to accept anyone else's point of
view other than your own. Well, I'm convinced....Not!

> > > All you have is
> > > your one lonely experience....a very lonely experience.
> > Again, I'm sorry not to live up to your expectations, but I've never
> > personally experienced it, it was a friend of mine.
> But it doesn't change a thing. It is still one very lonely
> experience.

Yes, but the initial intent on your part was to offend, and belittle. You
fail once again, XYZ ... go home.

Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."