virus: Re: virus-digest V1 #116

Ken Pantheists (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 14:53:21 +0000

XYZ wrote:

Do UFO's exist? Does God exist? They can be beautiful but that depends
on what side of the fence you are on.

Good. Now you are using your memetic faculties.

I don't mean to sound patronizing XYZ, but that is precisely what the
site of inquiry is... where is the fence and how do you determine its

You have mistakingly translated the word aesthetic to mean "beauty".

Aesthetic means "about life".

Our ideas, personas, concepts of self and other, representations of
ourselves to ourselves and representations of ourselves to others.. the
permutations go on and on.

You wrote:
If it is a science, then beauty has nothing to do with it. Science isn't
supposed to be art. Ever notice how pure logic is cold and unfeeling?
That is because it is supposed to be.

I think cold and unfeeling are words that describe a persona. Or as the
ancient greeks would call it, "a mask".

Your final word on this subject is very interesting:
"That is because it is supposed to be."

What a soul-killing phrase.

Do you use it often? I'll bet you make a lot of points with it.

(I'm not making a joke here) That really works. I have nothing to say in response to that.

Now, if you wanted to look at your belief in that... then i think a
conversation can happen.

For example: Would you like to talk about a fantasy land where logic is
not supposed to be cold and unfeeling? And science is beauty?

  Ken Pantheists