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Ken Pantheists (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 14:36:43 +0000

XYZ wrote: (in respone to television)

Would one subject themselves to aids viruses in order to
figure out how they are put together?

Mary mary quite contrary....

Of course not, but you would not keep yourself ignorant of AIDS and
expect to be protected from it.

Niether would you consider the virus part of "someone else's" problem.

I don't think I need to extend this metaphor any further to make my

The problem, I find with considering popular culture in general, is that
there is a dangerous snobbery surrounding the impulse to take it

Luckily there have been some influential thinkers who do take it
seriously. Take Rloand Barthes, for example, whjo turned French critical
writing on it's ear by applying the same penetrating attention to
margarine and Saturday afternoon Wrestling as had been given great works
of "fine" art.

I have always admired people like that.

In imitation, I attempted a Grad paper on cultural difference and
cultural appropriation, analysing the alien "other" in contemporary
science fiction.

  Ken Pantheists