Re: virus: The "science" of John Schneid?

ken sartor (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 08:57:54 -0600

At 12:36 PM 12/19/96 +0000, Martin Traynor wrote:
>XYZ Customer Support wrote:
>Self-contradictory statements, insults, logical illiteracies;
>> Quality does not
>> include quality. Period. Quality does not equal quality. Period. The
>> two are not dependant on the other, they are separate entities.
>> Because you can't keep up with me?
>displayed cruelty to long dead arguments;
>> It isn't a science.
>> It is a bogus and ineffective attack.
>short-term memory loss
>> > Who called whom 'stupid', 'illogical', 'irrational', 'know-
>> > nothing', 'gullible', 'one with blind faith', etc... first?
>> You.
>> >>I only mirror what I am shown.
>> Why aren't you logical then?
>an inflated sense of self-importance
>> Prove it has "value".
>[why should John waste his time?]
>a complete misunderstanding of what seems to me to be the prevailing
>attitude towards the model we call memetics;
>> I would like to see something useful from it, but people somehow
>> don't like other's to question their beliefs.
>> Oh Puh-lease! I am studying from the text book "Quantum Chemistry
>> of Atoms and Molecues" by Philip S.C. Matthews. I didn't want to
>> get completely off the subject, a subject that not many people understand
>> or can appreciate. This is proof that you are a legend in your own mind.
>> Don't flatter yourself. You may think you are sooooo knowledgable about
>> quantum mechanics but I can tell an intellectual phony when I see
>> one and you are one John!
>and has used up far more of my time already than was compensated for
>by the occasional item of interest in his/her posts. Congratulations
>XYZ, you are the first person who has ever made it into my killfile
>(do ya feel proud). It's a shame, because I think your irritating style of
>argument (to use the term loosely) might mask something of interest.
>Ah well, I'm sure it's nothing I couldn't find out more quickly and
>easily elsewhere.
>Goodbye XYZ, and merry xmas.

Have to admit this is a good idea - although it is also a first for
me... Farewell XYZ.