virus: Possible Though Paranoid Theory <PiTy PiTy>

Lior Golgher (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 19:23:53 -0800

David McFadzean, David Leeper, KMO, Wade T. Smith, Richard Brodie, all
those ceased their activity on the list.
At the same period, new handles such as 'XYZ Tech Support', 'Autumn' and
new people such as Daniel M.J. Adams, CraigSimon and Dave Pape occupied
a considerable share of all posts.

Now, we may assume that some of those shifts were natural. But clearly
some of them weren't.
Daniel M.J. Adams - I believe you're real!-)
XYZ - You're fake. Dave Pape - I have doubts about you too.
Of course it's paranoid, and no one can prove he's right and the other's
wrong. But it's also a great memetic experiment - "Let's watch their
reaction to someone who denies free will" "Let's watch their reaction to
someone who denies memetics" "Let's watch their reaction to rudeness and
irrationality" "Let's watch their reaction to such and such provocative
claims, such and such requests to explain formerly agreed theories". In
fact, I might have preformed a similar experiment if I were in their

What do you think?