Re: virus: Re: sociological change
Fri, 29 Nov 96 11:42:20 GMT

Ken Pantheists wrote:

> I love how jonesr@gatwick (is that Drakir?)...

Yep yep!

> ...has written it linke this--
> NewSpeak. As if it is a new system utility :)

Well, at some point I wrote:

> Can we, as individuals, or even as a group, successfully "persuade" society to change
> for what we believe is the better?

and then Lior wrote:

Persuade society - make its members think as we do - almost impossible.
Infect society - insert our memes of a 'better world' into its members'
aspirations - mostly possible. Again, 'dangerous meme' is quite

and that's where it originated from. I think it looks better.