Re: virus: Re: sociological change

Wade T.Smith (
Sat, 21 Dec 96 14:57:01 -0500

>It is my personal opinion that, for the most part, the inability to
>translate the communications of certain aquatic mammals has led us to
>disregard what culture they may possess. The trend has been to equate
>"culture" with artifacts alone. Where none exist, our tendency is to
>assume that no Culture exists...

Whereas I have no problem with culture being dependant upon artifact, in
fact, I demand it.

Regardless of any social interaction or learning or anthropomorphic
interpretation of sounds, what even chimpanzees possess is not a culture.
Social behavior is a varied and complex set of actions. An artifact
defines a culture. No human species, even without a written language,
existed without artifact.

Culture is Level 1.

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