virus: Re: Complexity and TT

Ken Pantheists (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 23:25:27 +0000

David McF wrote

> 1. Memes aren't encoded in writing.
> 2. Memes aren't encoded in a recording of a spoken narrative of writing.
> 3. Memes aren't encoded in a live spoken narrative of writing.
> 4. Memes aren't encoded in speech.
> 5. Memes cannot be transmitted by speech.
> 6. Memes cannot be transmitted.

You and Alexander are arguing such a fine point.

It's a matter of splitting hairs in my book.

I think that yes, memes appear to be transmitted through media. But the
transmitter actually causes a new meme to be spawned in the mind of the
reader- this new meme is informed by the reader's experience and
cultural biases. Therefore it is entirely plausible that Shakespeare'
sonnet 154 can be read and the reader not even *suspect* that it's about
asking for a blow job. (which it is)

This happens with speech too.
eg." Well, I *thought* you were asking me to do x."

  Ken Pantheists