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Ken Pantheists (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 21:30:57 +0000

Kenneth Boyd asked:

Question: is Virtual Reality formally distinguishable from Subjective

Virtual reality is not unreal. Like a reality in a print medium or a
painting in a gallery, it is constructed and informed by cultural texts.

I would consider it to be a medium for "plastic art". Granted, in it's
most refined state, it will be the most invasive medium-- as well as
being the most self effacing, working to erase knowledge of it's own

I'm not sure if I understand subjective reality. What the term means in
relation to the other two "realities". I'll go with my own provisional

But here's some distinctions that popped into my head upon reading your

-You knowingly participate in virtual reality.

-You don't always have that luxury with subjective reality, (unless you
really want to play the "you can never satisfy your parents" game in
real time 3D) ;)

-Virtual reality is authored and edited and left for you to explore.

-Subjective reality is a repository of your experience-- even virtual

- Virtual reality can be constructed from the athour's subjective

- The two are necessarily different because one can be used to construct
the other.

  Ken Pantheists