Re: virus: Re: Virus: Sociological Change
Wed, 27 Nov 96 13:45:47 GMT

> Lior
> > 'dangerous meme' is quite NewSpeaky.
> On 27 Nov 96 at 9:39, wrote:
> > OK, how about "counter-productive memes"?
> Define productive. I suspect you'll find that the difference between
> productive and counter-productive will either come down to a value
> judgement or else all memes will fall into one of the categories
> (depending on definition).

Productive? How about: that which results in the desired outcome.
That's no help at all really is it?

Anyway, what's wrong with NewSpeak? Afterall, were talking about change here, aren't

Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."