Re: virus: Virus: Sociological Change
Wed, 27 Nov 96 15:16:14 GMT

> On 26 Nov 96 at 16:18, wrote:
> > If a group of people want to create a State, then they vote on it's set up.
> > 30% vote for, 70% vote against (simplified, obviously). No problem, those 70% can fuck
> > off and make their own State, and the remaining 30% set up the one that they
> > want!
> Why don't the 30% fuck off and the 70% stay? Tyranny of the minority
> again?

Whatever, either way, the 30% set up the state they want, and the other 70% set up

> > Once such a systemn has been built, then the lawgiver is just a bloke who looks
> > objectively at the state, and proposes Laws that would better it. Yes, he gets paid,
> > but a bribe is not necessarity effective, because ultimately, if the people don't like
> > the law, then it won't get passed.
> Then I ask again; why is he there?

I thought that it was a pretty good idea myself! Ask Jean-Jaques Rousseau, in his
publication "The Social Contract". Basically: Political Theory, Liberalist
Totalitarianism. It's a damn good read if nothing else :)

> > No, but if you don't, you'll have to ensure that there are enough people to your
> > method of thinking who'll also decide not to adopt a law. And there's the strengh
> > in it: You don't like it - you don't accept it. Now isn't that a better idea?
> And if 50% want the law and 50% don't?

more than a simple majority is needed to pass a law, so it would have to be altered
in such a situation. I could go on for hours about this, but it's not directly
relevant. If anyone wants a complete run down on "General Will", or people's
involvement in democracy, then just ask and I'll do it.

> > Depends on whether Societies needs change. Would they change, or would the
> > slave trade have continued for all eternity if someone hadn't thought that
> > it ought to be stopped?
> I would guess it'd continue. What else would have stopped it?
> Spontaneous combustion? ;)

Maybe someone would have realised that the slave trade was a bad idea, and just
stopped dealing in slaves. Others would see the effect and follow suit.
No persuasion or campaigning involved.

> Towards the conversion of sensible questions into pedantism ;)
> Seriously though, I'm not being obtuse for the sake of it. I honestly
> can't progress with parts of this discussion until I'm sure we're
> talking about the same things.

That's Ok, it's your right!

Anyway, I'm going to post again in a minute, and attempt to clear the whole mess up,
and produce a tidier littel package.

(I think I'll fail though ;)

Towards my McVities Giant Hob-Nob Buiscuit .....

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We are the Future."