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David Leeper (
Mon, 27 Aug 1956 21:06:30 +0000

Lior Golgher wrote:
> I asked:
> > If Conformism is 1, then what's -1? Individualism or Non-Conformism?
> David Leeper asked:
> > What's the difference between Individualism or Non-Conformism?
> I answer:
> Non-Conformism: Doing\saying exactly the opposite of what the rest
> do\say.
> Individualism (for this question): Doing\saying what you see fit,
> denying the relevance of what the rest do\say.
> What's -1? Rejection or denial?

I have two answers to this.

1] As long as you're not using both Non-Conformism and
Individualism in the same set of equations, either one can
be -1, so long as you're consistant within a given set of

2] If you want to use both Non-Conformism and Individualism
in the same argument, may I suggest the following solution
(where ^ indicates a superscript):

1 = Conformism
-1 = Individualism

1^1 indicates 1 "unit" of Conformism.
1^-1 indicates -1 "unit" of Conformism, i.e Non-Conformism.
-1^1 indicates 1 "unit" of Individualism.
-1^-1 indicates -1 "unit" of Individualism. I'm not sure what the
word for -1^-1 would be. Perhaps "Democracy".

Recall that superscripts in Cohesive Math behave the same as
numbers in normal math.

For more information see:

Or e-mail me with any questions you may have.

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