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I tried to unsubscribe.

trying to reduce the things that take me away from my ever increasing

but I am still getting the messages-- still reading them-- even though I
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I almost missed this great opportunity to see this. A meme war in

Doug Levy, Eagles Nest Campus Ministry wrote:

Allow me to respond to your posting with quotes from scripture.

> I, being a Christian, have heard about every excuse possible and every
> intellectual arguement out there concerning the disbelief of the
> Christian faith; and I say faith because Christianity, at its core, is

This is a very good point.

If I may insert one distinction.

What may you have heard is a lot of excuses (reasons?) for people's
specific disbelief in Christianity. Not for "the" disbelief in it.

Once a person starts talking about why "you" shouldn't believe in
something, they are, right away, heading into an area where they have no
real information.

You say:

> faith and relationship and NOT a religion. Everyone is religious, about
> something in their life, but few have a relationship with the One True
> Living God, through Jesus Christ His only Son.

I am interested in how you are talking about your faith.

How few have this relationship?

How can you tell how few of them there are?

Do other relationships that produce the same sense of spiritual
centering/love/awareness count?

Should someone be Christian when they are already involved in a very
nurturing/loving faith that is not Christian?

I guess I'm asking which is most important to you--- the relationship?

I can see that D Leeper gets really turned on by rules:

Eat not the body of another.
Drink not the blood of another.
Worship not the One, who is Jehovah or Satan.

Follow not the commandments of any
Savior, Prophet, Apostle, Disciple, or Enlightened One.
The Child is God and there is no God but this Child.

Homo Deus is soooooo Old Testament! :)

> Why do millions believe?

These are the "few" millions?

Because they have had a personal encounter, not
> a intellectual conversion.

What is the difference between sensation and intelligence?

Many things about Christianity seem illogical
> on the surface; but after much study, it becomes the only logical choice
> (including scientifically, mathmatically, and many other fields of study).

Things don't have to be logical to work. Logic is simply a medium.

How did you make your choice? What events led to the logical choice?

(ignore if too personal)

> I was a drug and alcohol user, and someone who was addicted to lust,
> until I met the person of Jesus Christ. He radically changed my life. I
> couldn't have done it on my own. Look at these statistics:

These are neat statistics.

> 1/2 of all marriages end in divorce
> the odds change to 1 in 10 if you get married in a church

Is it because of the actual building-- or the fact that 50% of ALL
marriages end in divorce, but by marrying in a church you are marrying
into to half that mostly doesn't divorce?

> they go to 1 in 100 if you attend church regularly

Another step up the ladder.

> they go to 1 in 1000 if you follow Biblical principles in your marriage

> the secular drug rehabilitation success rate is 27%
> the Christian drug rehabilitation success rate is 86%

Am I correct in observing that you can solve all of these problems by
simply refining your circle of friends?

Is that what you meant by "few"? Are you the Few.


Ken Pantheists