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On Thu, 14 Nov 1996, KMO wrote:

> What does 'twitterpated' mean?
> Take care. -KMO
Haven't you seen/read 'Bambi'??
(goes to her bookshelf):

"What's the matter with those birds?" Thumper asked.
"They're twitterpated," the owl answered. "Just plain twitterpated."
"It sounds bad," Flower said. "What does it mean?"
"Oh, it's being in love," said the owl. "And you'll find out about it soon
enough. It happens every spring and it's enough to drive me crazy. A lot
of sensible birds and animals we are, going about our business most of the
time. But every spring we get twitterpated!"

The owl goes on to describe and demonstrate the symptoms, to which
Thumber, Bambi, and Flower respond in horror, and which they then
experience for themselves in quick succession.