Re: virus: About David Leeper

David Leeper (
Tue, 28 Aug 1956 00:34:18 +0000


; >* From the cover flap.
; >"The only way to explain evolution is by slow,
; >gradual evolution."
; About this part you have already said:
; "I mis-quoted. It was an honest mistake."
; and now you do not bother to correct it! That's sick.

I simply copied the orignial list. I'm not sick, simply

; >Uh-huh.

; You are getting the L3HV, David!

No Tad. You are infected with the Homo Vocare (HV) virus.
You see God as something other than yourself. In your case,
God is Dawkins. You are giving the same type of reaction
that would come from a Christian if I had started a "Jesus
is an idiot" thread. The HV virus is causing you to defend
your God using any means, and preventing you from seeing
reality as She really is.

I'm disinfecting you. Shut up and take your medicine.

David Leeper
Homo Deus  
1 + 1 != 2