Re: virus: virus church

Lior Golgher (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 20:33:20 -0800

I wrote:
> In which environment would a 'council of elders' style religion have a
> greater survivability than a religion for the masses?
> Which selective conditions make a religion based on studying and
> debating dominant over dumb religion based on emotional preachings for
> mobs?

Kenneth Boyd wrote:
> Terraform the masses!
> This is probably a long-term project, and contrary to the Taoist
> prescriptions for stable government [hmm...]:
> If the masses are intellectual, we lose the above distinction.

Under which conditions would intellectual masses outgrow instinctive
Currently the state is quite the opposite, as intellectual people raise
(thereby infect with intellectual memes) less children. Intellectual
memes aren't the easiest to spread, especially when they deal with
In which memetical environment is it different? Which physical
environment could make religious intellect necessairy for survival?

Now that I think of it, what about religious people converted by force,
those who had to kiss the cross or die. When those people tried to
secretly keep their former religion, they couldn't do it intuitively, as
a normal social convention. In order to preserve their belief, they HAD
to maintain a certain level of religious intellect.

No relation to level3 etc.