virus: virus church

ken sartor (
Wed, 06 Nov 1996 09:27:17 -0600


Having read these posts for several months now, i have come
to the conclusion that virus (or probably any other similar
type group) can *never* compete against christianity.

The reason for this assertion is simply that christianity offers
the *TRUTH*. You can believe it or not, modify somewhat or
whatever, but it is the *TRUTH*. It provides certainty to
those who otherwise would be confused (the less intelligent or
more trusting). It is comfortable. It is kinda like TV, you
go to a church, some person (presumably who you admire and/or
respect) gets up there and tells you what to think. It is not
a debate.

Here, we cannot agree on OR, TT, level 3, homo deus, or really
hardly anything. Perhaps the strength of this list is that we
have to read the posts and actually *THINK* about them! And
then argue our point of view, etc. And maybe some topics will
close but if a new reader comes along that's very interested -
well, the argument can begin again...

Seems to me that thinking people are all going to perceive the
world differently, have different views on how stuff should be
done, etc, etc, ad nauseum. This admission that the world is
a complicated place would severely limit the growth of a church
of virus.