virus: Level 3 minority status

Mon, 04 Nov 1996 21:06:30 -0800

Hakeeb A. Nandalal wrote:

> The Level-3s are definitely a minority and have to suffer all the
trappings of minorities. Of course one way
> to "deal" with being a minority is joining a group for the sake of
companionship. If the memetic engineers
> among us look into it, I'm sure they'll find that the "companionship"
hook is the most powerful of memetic
> glues because human nature forces us to seek out and live in groups.

Howard Bloom, author of "The Lucifer Principle" makes a compelling
argument for the claim that hatred is the most effective glue for
holding social organisms together, but I think that you are correct when
you say that a feeling of belonging in a group is a powerful hook.

> I would like to reiterate my position that one cannot choose one's Level
any more than one can choose one's
> intelligence. Therefore any poor Level-3 slob who finds himself a total
social outcast can only infiltrate a
> Level-2 world by disguising his Level-3-ness. Whether this is important
to him is an individual choice
> unless he can link up with a hard-core Level-3 partying crowd. The ones
who choose not to align themselves
> with any crowd, we need to keep an eye on less they decide to go up in a
tower with a rifle.

People in level 3 don't have to worry much about discrimination as
people in level 2 tend to have a hard time even getting a handle on the
concept of level 3. Seeing and recognizing identifiable exemplars of
level 3 might just nudge them over the level 3 precipice. Level 2
individuals might sense that the level 3 person is "not one of us" but
the exact catagorization, especially catagorization as a member of a
group over whom the level 2 folks have the power to compel obdience,
will be a hard thing to accomplish. YMMV.

Take care. -KMO
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