Re: virus: RE : A most unscientific poll

Mon, 04 Nov 1996 11:53:08 -0800

Hakeeb A. Nandalal wrote:

> Is there a correlation between height and atheism? I'm 185cm (6'-1") and
I believe that Arnold
> Schwarenegger is about 193cm (6'-4") and we're both atheists (never mind
he's a kiss-ass Republican). I'm
> only guessing but I'd like to believe that Michael Crichton is an atheist
and he's 7'+. John Larroquette
> and Paula Poundstone are also tall atheists.
> So, how many tall atheists (>183cm [>6']) are there on the Virus List?
Short atheists need not respond,
> it'll only fuck up my theory.

KMO is 6'2" but isn't sure he's an atheist. He's a strict atheist when
it comes to evaluating the rationality of laws which limit personal
freedom. In fact, when that brand of atheism kicks in he gets a little

He probably slouches a bit when in his pantheistic mode.

Magnets go out today. Let KMO know when they arrive. Take care. -KMO