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Wed, 30 Oct 1996 10:47:45 -0600

At 08:53 PM 10/29/96 +0000, Hakeeb A. Nandalal wrote:
>David McFadzean wrote:-
>> ..........
>> If you look at the reasons underlying our actions, and the reasons
>> behind those reasons, eventually you will find that all actions are
>> selfish. But why would you say having children is the "most selfish"?
>Because none of our other selfish acts result in a self-contained life
>form called a human.
>It's like saying :-
>"I wanted a Level-3 outlet, so I created you - however you have no say
>in this. If you live up to my expectations you may still disappoint
>yourself. If you fail to live up to my expectations you would have
>disappointed me. You are a human experiment".
>My problem is humans shouldn't be experiments. To create them, IMHO, is
>the most selfish of acts. To not provide for them is the most cruel.

Who do you should suggest create humans then? Or should humans
be created?

But - IMHO - kids are *MUCH* better than pets. They are a joy to
watch grow. The early years are intriguing and can teach us a great
deal about ourselves (both as individuals and a species). Can't
say about the later years, my oldest (1 of 4) is only 7 (OK, lost
any possible illusion of objectivity, oh well).

To me, having a friend is selfish. I charish their company, i enjoy
being with them. But i also give to them something in return,
which feels, to me, unselfish. The giving with children is similar,
only magnified by a google ;-> (But then again, so is what i
recieve back from them... )

*** Over the top discussion below - please disregard if serious ***
As to the claim that children are human experiments that may fail -
Wish i could quote James T Kirk in one of his overdone speeches
about *Risk*. That's what we are here for - thats what makes us
human. Thats why they built the enterprise, not to be safe, but to
explore, to seek out new life...