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> Tad,
> I know a couple of people who are Scientologists, and they're a little bit
> scary! I don't know about the memes that you will encounter, but I
advise you
> to be a little careful about what you agree to to for Scientology. Part of
> the religion states that once you are a Scientologist, you may not leave the
> church.

My experience was just the opposite.

And also that 10% of all your earnings go towards the cause.

Again, my experience was also the opposite, although I have heard of
cases where people worked for the Church in order to pay for
services. Is this what you are referring to?

I have
> heard of people being locked in the building where Scientologist "Services"
> are held (I don't know if service is the right word!), for the duration of
> it.

This didn't happen to me....

Being a memeber of the Scientologist church also involves laying out
> a lot of money on pointless "worship" equipment.

The equipment such as the "E-meter" is required for higher levels of
Scientology (specifically New Era Dianetics), but again, I was never
told that I had to purchase any equipment.

> By all means attend, and try to be as openminded as possible to the ideas,
> but please be careful. Don't take everything at face value. I view
> Scientology as a money making religion more than anything else, because
> their wealth is enourmous. They own one of the largest Stately Homes in the
> South of England (somewhere near East-Grinstead I think, anyone know the
> and use it as their main HQ.

The name of the place should be Saint Hill, but their actual HQ is
the Sea Organization.

> Don't think I'm just paranoid, I know some of these people, and they're
> frightening!

They've obviously had different experiences than I have. Do you think
they would mind if I interviewed them, in the interest of research?

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