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> KMO wrote:
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> On Thu, 17 Oct 96 13:19:16 BST writes:
> > Religion is total control, but
> >people don't
> >realise it, because there are no direct threats, only the
> >possibilities of
> >what might happen if you don't obey!
> Copernicus was shown the implements of torture and told to recant his
> heliocentric model of the solar system. And recant he did. I can't say
> I blame him. Showing somebody the instruments of torture strikes me as a
> pretty direct threat.
> Take care. -KMO
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> In this case, Copernicus was SHOWN the instruments of torture. Describe exactly
> to me what will happen if you don't obey the word of God! Not heresay, or what
> is preached in the Bible, but what ACTUALLY happens! We don't know, though.
> The threats are made, but there is no substantive proof that the means exist
> to carry them out. This is what I meant by "no direct threats". Sorry, I
> admit it was a little unclear :)

I live under very real threats for that, without any need for human
enforcement. My functional intellect is utterly dependent upon a
first-level compliance [forget second-level, the Word is impossible to
keep fully BY DESIGN]. [Something to do with utterly needing James
1:5-8 and inhuman self-control.]

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