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Tue, 22 Oct 96 10:47:56 BST

KMO wrote:

On Thu, 17 Oct 96 13:19:16 BST writes:
> Religion is total control, but
>people don't
>realise it, because there are no direct threats, only the
>possibilities of
>what might happen if you don't obey!

Copernicus was shown the implements of torture and told to recant his
heliocentric model of the solar system. And recant he did. I can't say
I blame him. Showing somebody the instruments of torture strikes me as a
pretty direct threat.

Take care. -KMO


In this case, Copernicus was SHOWN the instruments of torture. Describe exactly
to me what will happen if you don't obey the word of God! Not heresay, or what
is preached in the Bible, but what ACTUALLY happens! We don't know, though.
The threats are made, but there is no substantive proof that the means exist
to carry them out. This is what I meant by "no direct threats". Sorry, I
admit it was a little unclear :)

Richard Jones
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We are the Future."