RE: virus: Re: Why religious?
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 22:59:20 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 17 Oct 1996, Chelstad, Erik wrote:

> Schneider sayeth:
> -----------------------------------------
> I think most Churches find the religion meme most useful, while most
> of their adherents are scared shitless turning away, since the "truth"
> they've been taught ain't so nice for unbelievers.
> As another poster pointed out at one point, the reason they call this
> the 'Church' of Virus is just that: the religion meme is sooooo useful!
> One goal of this church is to give the scared-shitless-Chirstians
> insight into their Church's duplicitous use of the religion meme.
> --------------------------------------------------
> I like the image you conjure up here; a gigantic hooka-like
> hypodermic in the shape of a church, inoculating the
> congregation.
> Nothing against churches, mind you, merely a tribute to
> their utterly effective methods of infection.
> Since both "truth" and "good," as they are most often used, are
> subjective terms, I like the "useful" substitution.
> Would "verity" work in place of "truth?" It's a "useful" word that
> almost begs its user to have the ability to "verify" their claims.
> eEc

Oh, a definition clash. An archaic [15th century or so?] definition of
"verity" IS "truth". Actually, the word sounds archaic anyway. Maybe
that will help in some circles....

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