virus: Swastika

Ken Pantheists (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 16:01:36 +0000

> The swastika is a reverse-oriented Sanskrit-based [don't ask me precise
> religion or culture!] symbol of "God". No relation to Christian, unless
> you swallow Hindu-based views and opt for a few years of study in India.
> [The chances of his getting in some study in Egypt is barely more
> plausible.] Definitely no relation to Judaic.

I'm fairly sure that it is a symbol that was meant to evoke Germany's
pagan past. As were the powerful operas of Wagner and the popularity of
teutonic myth in the art of the time-- creating a strong sense of nation
and a purely german history.

The swastika and many cross-like symbols like it represent the sun. I
don't know what it symbolizes in hinduism, but in Germanic an Carpathian
cultures it is almost always the sun.

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