virus: Virian tarot artwork

KMO prime (
Sun, 29 Sep 1996 15:24:15 EDT

WL Carr,

I looked at the images in your gallery. Very Impressive. I had planned
to generate the images for the virion tarot project, but there will
plenty of work to go around. At last count, I think we had 75 card
concepts on the list. Figure three hours for each image (and that's a
conservative estimate) and we're looking at a whole bunch of our precious
free time spent on this activity.

It's a bit early to start on the actual images though. We need to come
up with some rules/procedures for manipulating the cards, concise yet
lucid definitons for all of the concepts we wish to include in the
system, and a statement of intent that we call all agree upon.

There's been a lot of talk about Magic the Gathering over the last day.
There are alot of aspects to that game that I would like to keep from
creeping into the Virion Tarot project. I wouldn't want to print a
paragraph under each image (i.e. on the card itself) explaining how the
card functions. I'd like to avoid the need for special counters or for
pen and paper.

One idea I had would be to make the system more like the Tarot than like
Magic the Gathering (MtG hereafter) in that one is primarily exercising
one's ability to generate stories or internally consistent mental models
from random (in some sense) visual elements. The multi-player aspect
might work something like this: Each person has a deck which they have
constructed from a very large body of potential selections. The
composition of the deck reflects that person's concerns and interests.
A second person (B) supplies a partner (A) with 10 to 20 cards from B's
collection which are to be shuffled into A's deck. A then places the
cards on the table in whatever pattern we come up with and does a
"reading." They will likely encounter several elements which they are
not used to seeing in their deck (the additional cards selected and
supplied by B) and this could shake things up in unexpected ways. After
the cards have been placed and A has formulated and possibly reported the
meaning s/he has derived from the arrangement of symbols, B then has the
opportunity to formulate and offer an alternate interpretation.

Take care. -KMO