Re: virus: Holy Fire

David Leeper (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 12:39:13 -0500

:> Heart Of The Matter:
:> Tarot & Company have survived to this day in the face of opposition from
:> every quarter, from religion to science and everything in between.
:> These meme complexes use memes such as "Predict the future" to infect.
:> Without such a meme the entire complex would have become extinct a long
:> time ago. We could learn alot from these "psuedo-sciences".
:> Mathematics, on the other hand, is officially sanctioned by the powers
:> that be, offers high-paying jobs, and so on, and yet only a small
:> portion of the population understands it.
:1) No. Not when major universities like Rochester want to outright
:destroy their mathematics departments! [And are....]
:2) The pay pales compared to computer science [programming, systems

I would say there's more money in math that in the tarot, but the tarot has memes which are
highly infective. I'm simply giving the devil his due.

David Leeper
Homo Deus