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Fri, 04 Oct 1996 10:34:40 -0500

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>> I would say there's more money in math that in the tarot, but the tarot
has memes which are
>> highly infective. I'm simply giving the devil his due.
>Really ;)
>Let me see: [American dollars]
> A Tarot reading goes for $30 an hour at one bookstore I know of, and
>that is considered mid-range. [Of course, the typical reading is less
>than an hour.]
> A mathematician's entry level wage corresponds to around $15 per hour.
>The wages seem to be about the same, if one is good at one's chosen job.

A reasonable mathematician might make 50K/yr after 3-7 years experience
(about $25/hour). He gets benefits (health insurance, 2-3 weeks
of vacation/year, a retirement plan of some sort, etc.) and gets
paid every week for 40 hours. The place of business and his
equipment is paid for. I doubt many of the tarot readers at
bookstores can meet his typical net income and benefits over a
year (even if they skimp mightily on claimed income and thus taxes)...

Someone posted a comment to this list stating that scientists do
pretty well for themselves these days. I would have to agree (and
include math guys along with the scientists).


[But if you really want to make money try phone sex. Low overhead,
with wages running at $2-6/minute! ;-) ]