RE[2]: virus: Re: virus-digest V1 #31
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 00:56:24 -0600

>And if you really think this is repeatable and useful, then The Amazing
>Randi has about $800,000 he is ready to give you to prove it.
>He's ready when you are.

Wasn't talking about stigmata, Wade, or the effect I mentioned. For someone
into words and semantics, it seems your comprehension's not up to par.

And I'm a big fan of Mr. Randi, myself. Have been for years. This point
goes back to a post I put up some days ago regarding the difference between
merchants and occult investigators -- wherein, if you had read it, I
recommended that Randi's methods be applied.

I try to apply them when circumstances permit.

[And BTW, it happened to my girlfriend while she was asleep. She never
claimed to be a psychic and in fact was a staunch materialist. Woke up
screaming and bleeding. Nothing sharp around, either, and I was awake when
it happened. That's not stigmata -- which, yes, I am familiar with.]

The things Mr. Randi tested don't work. I never claimed they did. However,
if you are familiar with his history, you will notice that he has
restricted his tests to certain phenomena (Kirlian photography,
telekinetics, astrology, psychic prediction, and psychic surgery, mostly).
Within this realm, he is incredibly skilled and effective (his debunking of
Uri Geller was as juicy as it gets).

An article in Time magazine (I believe) some months back had an interview
with the venerable James, where he stated explicity that he had come across
_some_ supporting evidence for psychic phenomena, but nothing conclusive....

I'm familiar with his challenge. Thing is, if you had paid attention to the
post (again), you would have noticed that I said "I don't know how it
works." I never said that there was anything supernatural or psychic about
it. In fact, I DON'T think there's anything supernatural or psychic about
it. What's there for him to investigate?

But fine, if you want to press it, send him a letter and give him my e-mail
address, and tell him what it is that you think I think I can do.... I'll
send you copies of our correspondance on disk. Satisfied? Keep a copy of
this post, too, while you're at it.

Did you even pay attention to the last three-quarters of the last one???

[Just as an aside: you're making a hell of a lot of unfounded statements.
Where does a scientist get off acting like that? And what does this have to
do with this list? My last post was a response to a flame, nothing more!]