Re: virus: Holy Fire

David Leeper (
Mon, 26 Nov 1956 23:12:25 +0000

>To find the mean and inculcate it in the minds of the public we should, >taking the natural drift towards the easier extreme into account, do >our best to sell the "science is it" product. We may not fully believe >it, as there are good reasons not to, but the competing product sells >itself and doesn't need any help from us.

Preliminary Objection:
If we sell what we do not believe we are hypocrites.

Heart Of The Matter:
Tarot & Company have survived to this day in the face of opposition from
every quarter, from religion to science and everything in between.
These meme complexes use memes such as "Predict the future" to infect.
Without such a meme the entire complex would have become extinct a long
time ago. We could learn alot from these "psuedo-sciences".
Mathematics, on the other hand, is officially sanctioned by the powers
that be, offers high-paying jobs, and so on, and yet only a small
portion of the population understands it.

David Leeper
Homo Deus