Re: virus: Selfishness

Reed Konsler (
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 18:34:09 -0400

> If you do not believe in the predator/prey analogy, I know some
>neighborhoods in San Francisco,Los Angeles,San Deigo,and even Sacramento
>that people like you are very,very,very, welcome to come into breathing
>pacifist thoughts. Yes, you would be VERY welcomed indeed.

You do realize that you have exactly followed the "Fire and Brimstone" Sermon
in the above statement, right? Your post is in the form:

If you do not heed [insert meme here] then [terrible thing: death/hell/etc]
will happen to you.

In essence, this is a threat. The assertion is that if one is not Selfist one
is Pacifist (Bi-polar fallacy and an attempt at radicalization). And that
Pacifists (non-Selfists) are not compeditive in environments likely to be
encountered ("...and even Sacremento"). Actual threat is not explict,
implication is that the Pacifist will be mugged, killed, raped, and/or possibly
eaten by all the predators in LA etc.

Oh, come on! Look, we're all trying to be very patient. But simplistic
threats of this sort are of no value. The above statement is useless save for
a poetic turn of phrase (I like the image of "breathing pacifist thoughts").

Show, don't tell. Exactly what is going to happen to us in LA, and how is it
logically linked to a prediliction for cooperation? If you wish to scare us
you're going to have to try a little harder.