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> It simply isn't true that life forms have no choice but
>to fall into predator/prey relationships. Survival of the fittest
>is far more complicated. Smallpox viruses kill humans, and
>cold viruses almost never do. The result is that smallpox is
>all but extinct (preserved in a lab while scientists debate the
>merits of wiping it out), and cold viruses are ubiquitous. An
>apple tree's goal, if I may use anthropomorphic shorthand,
>is to produce a lot more apple trees. In order to do this, it
>encourages animals (including humans) to eat part of its
>body. Predator/prey seems like a woefully inadequate model
>for the relationship here. For that matter, sheep are doing a
>lot better these days than tigers, even though tigers are a lot
>fiercer. Humans are social animals, and it seems (we'll have
>a better idea in another million years) that the most successful
>are those that are best at working together.
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>>Tristan wrote something which seemed to be a criticism of Richard Brodie's
>>agenda. S/he mentioned Lazarus Long, lawyers, and Rush. The tone came
>>through loud and clear, but the specifics of the criticism were lost on me.
>>Could you sum up your complaint as plainly and susscinctly as you can for
>>me and others who might be similiarly confused? Thanks. -KMO
>>Resistance is futile.
>>Did not mean to confuse anyone.
>Once again, from the top...
>Brenda is my WIFE.
>Tristan is the coven name given to me by ( NOYB ).
>I was merely expounding on his philosophy.
>My point is only that Brodies' way of thinking could get one killed.
>WE THE PEOPLE are life forms.
>Life forms have NO CHIOCE but to form 'predator/prey' Natural Law
>WE THE PEOPLE have formed a society that has given birth to predator/prey
>among ourselves.
>To think any different would be suicide.
>All this stems from my impression that Mr. Brodie is a pacifist.
>My impression of Mr.Brodie stems from Mr.Brodie ( what and how he writes ).
>I plead insanity if I erred in my prejudgement of Mr.Brodie.
>Post script:
>In case no one noticed, I quote the IDEA more than the
>person,story,event,scarcastic joke,whatever,etc.,I.E.> "When the sword of
>rebellion is drawn, the sheath should be thrown away." English Proverb.
>So you see, (said the blind man), it is the idea behind the proverb, not the
>English themselves that I TRY to get across to 'some peoples' kids'.


If you do not believe in the predator/prey analogy, I know some
neighborhoods in San Francisco,Los Angeles,San Deigo,and even Sacramento
that people like you are very,very,very, welcome to come into breathing
pacifist thoughts. Yes, you would be VERY welcomed indeed.