Re: virus: Toleration of Toleration

Mon, 1 Jul 1996 19:00:50 -0500

>You are obviously not tolerant of intolerance, nor should you be.
>I'd like to draw a distinction between a meme as propogated and a meme as
>practiced. The difference is the same as a program which is archived as
>opposed to one which is running the show.

It's strange that we seem to dissagree when we are prescribing the exact
same behavior. I think we have a duty to attempt to advance the
propagation of the memes we value, and this seems to entail, as a
consequence, sabotaging those memes which are antithetical to the ones we

You value tolerance, and in advancing tolerance, you contribute to the
decline of intolerance. In attempting to make tolerant behavior the norm,
you are also attempting to 'expunge' intolerant behavior from those realms
where you're advancing tolerance. This is a worthy goal, and I support,
advocate, and reiterate it.

I agree that we should avoid "burn the heretic" responses to views we
oppose. Such responses are irrational. On the other hand, if a view is
internally inconsistant or inconsistant with auxiliary assumptions which I
believe to be well justified, then it seems obligatory that I do everything
I can (within the bounds of civil discourse) to see that inconsistant
viewpoints give way to consistant ones.

Again, I think we agree on the kind of public behavior we would like to
promote and that the way to promote it is via example.

Take care. -KMO

Resistance is futile.