virus: Richard Brodie on "The David Essel Show" Saturday 7/6

Richard Brodie (
Mon, 1 Jul 1996 15:21:43 -0700


I will be on the national radio show "The David Essel Show" this
Saturday, July 6, talking about the new science of memetics and my new
book "Virus of the Mind." The show is carried on the "Talknet" radio
network and is on at a variety of times and stations, so you may have to
do some detective work to find me! I'm on for about 15 minutes.

Coming up: for those of you who still get "Donahue" in your area, I will
be on for the entire hour on July 22. We taped this show in May and it
was lots of fun. One highlight is the graphic demonstration of DANGER,
FOOD and SEX memes as attention-suckers. Enjoy.

[Please forward to anyone interested! If you would like to be added to
or removed from this, my private list of people interested in my
appearances, please drop me an e-mail.]

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